A Casa K


Respecting Florentine artisanal techniques, at casaK, it combines materials and influences to create creations destined to be characterizing presences within the classic and contemporary home.
The security of the details, the perfection of the finishes, originally revisited, are constant both in the furnishing projects of individual houses and in the contracting sector.
By marrying epochs and influences, shapes and the most beautiful materials, acasak, invents and creates accessories of rare and true furnishings. The traditional Florentine techniques, the love for details, the current finishes make each creation an important presence in the classical or contemporary interior. 
In addition, acasak responds to the demands of interior projects and custom production. 
AcasaK blends periods and styles and combines fine materials to create a certain lifestyle. Traditional Florentine techniques, love for the details, and updated finishes make each creation a true companion both in the contemporary and in the timless home. A Casa K is olso involved  in contract jobs, meeting the needs of global interior projects.  


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