ADS Lighting


ADS Lighting was founded in 1999, is located in the world's largest lighting production base.
Our mission is to create consumers' interest in lighting products.Sincerity oriented, creating fashion, avant-garde, personality and high taste lighting products for consumers is the goal that Aidisi people always pursue.The supremacy of quality is the consistent belief of our Aidisi people.We know that only constant innovation can ensure the company's continuous development.It is precisely because we do our best to provide consumers with the best service concept, so that the company's business can be found everywhere in the world.
We look forward to your participation. Let's work together to provide better services for more consumers worldwide.
19 years focus, 108 precision process creation, 500 thousand lighting test, 1 million 500 thousand global customer testimony! Edith, to provide you with the highest quality lighting products for high taste!


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