Furniture with esthetics, utility, and strength

ALANKARAM in Sanskrit means "act of decorating".

We can help decorate a home, office or retail store with unique, beautiful custom-made solid wood furniture that lasts. We specialize in the use of different woods and different colors in a single piece of furniture to add to the beauty of the wood. Every design is need and space-based and aims to offer maximum utilization and value for a given piece of furniture. We use treated and seasoned wood to provide longevity to the furniture.

The work
Wooden furniture is often associated with rustic, traditional furniture. However, Alankaram stands out with its contemporary, minimalistic designs and elegant usage of joineries. Alankaram makes furniture in Indian (e.g. Teak wood) as well as imported wood (e.g. White oak). With the use of treated and seasoned wood, the furniture offers longer life. Wood joinery is used not only for strength but also adds to aesthetics of the furniture.The range of furniture manufactured by Alankaram are designer, custom-made, stand-alone and built-in solid wood and metal furniture for home, offices, restaurant and hospitality industry for both indoor and outdoor use. We specialise in handmade solid wood furniture items with a touch of 'Indian-ness' to our collection. Our designs are inspired by our culture yet are modern and contemporary. We specialise in use of different woods and different colours in a single piece of furniture.

Alankaram has 1600+ SKUs based on 600+ unique designs. This is one of the largest portfolios of wooden and metal furniture in the country.

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