Albedo (from Latin albus, white) is the ratio of the light reflected by an object or a surface to that received by it.

Albedo also refers to the dawn, the beginning of a new day, a new story, a new brand, born in 2016 from a project by two established managers in the furniture industry, passionate, visionary and courageous entrepreneurs who believe in the Italian ability to interpret the wide taste of an educated, sensitive and design-lover international audience.

Albedo proposal begins with a collection of very different furniture pieces, designed for home living spaces, where forms, functions and textural finishes interact well together and allow to furnish with an eclectic style of strong personality, a never evanescent or fashionable furniture, but deliberately imbued with executive preciosity inspired by traditional craftsmanship, long lasting and simultaneously nomad; objects that remain and coexist with places, cultures and always evolving lifestyles.


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