Argenesi means “genesis of silver” and is the new way of experiencing silver!

Argenesi stems from the desire to combine an ancient passion for “that lunar material capable of reflecting the light” with the reliability and speed that modern production can offer today. Thanks to the innovative SilvanSputteringAg technology, we create objects made of glass, crystal, ceramic, porcelain and other materials enhanced by permanent molecular plating with 999 pure silver. We offer products ranging from party favours to wedding gifts, from company awards to home furnishings: exclusive and absolutely original creations to make your most important moments even more special.
We believe in ethics and excellence. Thanks to the exclusive SilvanSputteringAg technology, we design and make our products with complete respect for the environment. This process, besides being “cleaner” than every other plating technique, in that it generates no waste at any time during the procedure, which is therefore defined as “zero emission”, allows the creation of new and innovative products, characterised by the unmistakable style “Made in Italy“.

Profound respect for tradition, meticulous attention to the quality of products and materials and a watchful eye on new trends are the “ingredients” that allow us to be always in the front line in efficiently satisfying the needs and desires of our customers.

We try to innovate constantly and give space to youthful new ideas, creating functional objects characterised by fine design.