AROUNDtheTREE is a proudly Portuguese brand, is an ambitious project of a team who believe in the values of cultural and Portuguese traditions giving them a new interpretation through the design of unique pieces. The main legacy is the family connection of this team to one of the greatest icons of Portuguese design of the 50’s, the chair from Goncalo Rodrigues dos Santos, which still remains the main image in Portuguese emblematic outdoor spaces. No less important is the cultural heritage and passion of this young team. The industry’s treatment of cork and wood combine advanced technology with ancient methods, all with the purpose of sourcing the exclusive materials. These two heritages make AROUNDtheTREE an original brand that is distinguished for having the perfect combination of the two elements in their DNA, design and nature.
Artisan expertise puts the finishing touches to a product that is made using cutting-edge production methods, while intelligent hands lend sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision.
Each product is unique and may differ from each other, presenting small features typically seen on a handmade product. All  AROUNDtheTREE Design is internationallity  Protected and Patented.
Since April 3rd 2014, you can find AROUNDtheTREE represented by PORTUGUESE ROOTS at MUDE (Portuguese National Museum of Design).
We won the award, Silver Award 2014 by A’Design Awards with the Portuguese Roots Chair.


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