Soil, the essence of our land, is the very beginning of an artisans journey.

Considered to be the origin of all life it is the soil that leads to the creation of a craft. The culture, tradition and heritage are all inherited from it. For an artisan this soil is their very first teacher, the one introducing them to the many facets of their identity. It is where he derives his inspiration from, the pride he takes in being connected to it and the belief to continue the creation.

Our artisans heavily emphasise on this aspect, their soil does possess a lot of prominence and significance both in their life and work. According to statistics there are over 200 million artisans across India, every nook and corner will possess one set of skilled hands. Only a handful of them are known and are affiliated with an organization.

Artisaga is an effort to resurrect the lost glory of the rich crafts of India. To rebuild the dignity of the many hard working artisans of our country who possess unmatchable craftsmanship, as they have control over the skill and a deepened love for their craft that was passed down to them by generations.

The thought behind the company stemmed from a simple text message. It was a cry for help from an artisan who was struggling to sell the products he created. At a time when the market is shifting their gears to e-commerce platforms, artisans find themselves lost in the uncertain ground. Artisaga was birthed to fill this gap and provide a safe space for artisans.