Art as heritage. Art as tradition. Art as passion. This is Baldi, from Florence, the cradle of Italian Renaissance, to the heart of world. The secret to Baldi’s success is its refined taste, its great aesthetic sense and its long-standing tradition of craftsmanship that uses ancient artistry techniques and practices to make true works of art. Artists and artisans, inspiration and handicraft, creativity and devotion to perfect art forms: this unique heritage, which dates to 1867, is at the heart of Baldi today - just as it was in the past. From the traditions of two great families, the Ponziani and the Consani, a single business was born in Florence, an important city of art and the cradle of Italian Renaissance. More than 500 years later, Florence continues to be inspired by this golden age of art and culture, giving life to incredible art works of great value. Vincenzo Consani (1818 - 1887), a refined and renowned sculptor of the Canova school, made various statues and busts, as well as memorials in the Neo-classical style. Many of these are today treasured in prestigious palaces and museums, among them “La Vittoria” (1867) at the Pitti Palace in Florence and “Amazzone ferita” at the Quirinale in Rome. A rewarded artist of the ars scultorea, Vincenzo Consani handed down to posterity his natural talent in working with materials, his perception of beauty and his unwavering devotion to creating timeless pieces of art. Born in Florence, Italy in 1867, Baldi has long been recognised a leader in the luxury home furnishing sector and an ambassador of Italian luxury and lifestyle. Dedicated to the creation of art and beauty for over a century, today Baldi has mastered the art of creating unique and timeless pieces that represent the quintessence of Italian style and centuries-old Florentine craftsmanship. The historic Florentine company is specialised in creating one-of-a-kind, custom-made statement pieces that are so exquisite they can be considered nothing less than jewels for the home. Embodying both a classic aesthetic and contemporary spirit, Baldi’s Home Jewels collections are a tribute to the company’s unrivalled passion for precious materials, traditional artistry and attention to detail. In the world of luxury and refined taste, Baldi’s timeless creations for the home are a point of reference and a perfect expression of the rarity and exclusivity of the Italian lifestyle


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