Bassano Parquet


Wood, our history since 1832, These words are enough to talk about us, about our great passion for wood handed down for so many generations. Our history has its roots in the experience of over 150 years in this sector, but it is not with the wood that the adventure begins, but with the whip handles obtained from the "bagolaro" particularly elastic tree of great durability and growth spontaneous in rocky terrain.

It is from Trentino, in fact, a mountainous region par excellence that the Andreatti family originates.

From the whip handles the activity has been gradually enlarged until arriving in the first post-war period (1920) to include two resinous sawmills importing fir and larch logs from all over Europe. Bassano del Grappa is the headquarters of this important company that expands the range of treated products including fine hardwood species such as oak, walnut and cherry.

The furniture crisis has meant that 15 years ago we decided to combine the production and marketing of sawn timber with that of pre-finished floors, an activity that has become our "core business". The transformation began ambitiously and with the great desire to "get back in the game" by investing in new technologies and choosing the most suitable materials to offer a product of the highest technical and aesthetic quality.

The innovative charge coupled with the fundamental component of craftsmanship in manufacturing and finishing processes and production flexibility are our strengths that allow us to be appreciated all over the world and these are the ingredients to create unique and unmistakable projects ..

Today Bassano Parquet presents a catalog full of over 16 essences that embellish our collections in the most exclusive finishes, painted, oiled, brushed, planed by hand and thermally treated.


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