Local Creation was established in 2011. As a highly experimental, exploratory, borderless, cross-border, independent design brand, it is engaged in product innovation, research and development and design. We are committed to taking design as the basic means, through the use of a series of

The experiments listed below explore more possibilities, let different materials return to its essence, restore its unique texture, and manufacture products that meet the needs of our daily lives.

At the root, it walks inward, close to the local culture, and returns to the essence of demand; the design is pure and clean in form, removing all superfluous, and is called "international" design. In fact, it restores the essence of function and pursues free form.

Behind the form and function, there is a "care" of equality of all things-all the raw materials, all the crafts, all the cultures that construct things, no matter of high or low, no waste and treasures, care, earth

It is equal to the value of diamonds; every request from the world should be cherished. There is no high or high level, only suitable or inappropriate, whether it is a blade of grass, a scratch of soil, appropriate design, and its radiant spirit.

The brand has integrated research and development, design, production, sales and promotion. The current products mainly include: lamps, household items, outdoor furniture, wall decoration materials, etc. The pursuit of local creation is positioned and tested by international standards

For the products produced by ourselves, every spare part is independently designed and customized with high quality. Products have passed CCC, CE, ROHS2.0, SAA, C-TICK, FCC, IC certification. The product has independent intellectual property rights, and the existing

More than 200 patents. At the same time, in terms of promotion, we strive to establish an internationally oriented image and become media partners with international media such as Designdaily.. etc.