Thanks to its years of experience, Cagberk Sliding Mechanisms, which provide long-lasting usage without losing rigidity and movement characteristics with high quality standards, have continuously improved and renewed its products with its experienced and experienced team.

Electronic Furniture Lifts, which offer comfort and ergonomics to your living spaces, hide the TV or shelves in your furniture with a single button, so that you do not consider the unused items, you will have a spacious atmosphere.

  • Keep the customers satisfaction above everything by moving with the total quality awareness,
  • Carry out all our production facilities without harming the environment and the public health,
  • Keep the quality work force perpetuate by continuously developing the human resources, team spirit and work,
  • Aim to continue being a reliable company endlessly by caring the customer relations before and after sales,
  • Use all our potentials to reach the highest quality by following continuously the advanced technologies,
  • Are proud of giving corporate services, as we embrace corporate culture.


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