In a moment of collective creative chaos , in which we are bombarded by images that surround us, by sounds that pass through us, by words that touch us, by events that frighten us, man pursues the dream revealing the deepest soul of his own me , looking for a space of personal expression.

Thus was born Caoscreo, a laboratory of ideas, a crossroads of talents, a middle ground between the idea and the productive experience , with the aim of identifying a real dimension in which to express oneself and to approach a quality experimentation , directed towards the production of objects design, simple, original, accessible, suitable for any environment .

In a moment of common creative Chaos , we are bombed by surrounding images, by penetrating sounds, by dabbing words, by frightening events. The man follows his dreams, revealing the deepest part of the self, searching for his own expression space.

The result is Caoscreo , laboratory of ideas, cross-way of talents, land-in-between the idea and the productive experience. Caoscreo aims at finding a real dimension, in which you can fully express yourself and get close to experiment quality . Caoscreo is directed, through an original use of metal as raw material, towards industrialization with low environmental impact, which produces design objects. They are 100% Made in Italy, eco-made, essential, original, functional, affordable and suitable for any background.


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