Chicca Orlando


It was amidst the opulent beauty of southern Italy, amidst the fascination of a timeless place where values are respected and shared, that Chicca Orlando was set up in 1950 as a small, family-run artisan business with time-honoured, deep local roots. 
In the narrow, mediaeval streets of the small southern town of Casarano, the wind once carried the Salento seamstresses’ songs as they worked busily and with dedicated passion until dusk. Here, Chicca Orlando established a business enterprise centred on its legacy of the sartorial art and a pursuit of beauty as its founding values. The principles underpinning its unceasing, passion-driven production of artistic textiles are a blend of ancient and modern, innovation and tradition, reproducing timeless beauty and style codes with a fresh, new look. 
Now a successful, international business, Chicca Orlando has established itself at the forefront of the textile and furnishing sectors. Its brand has acquired a strong identity as a symbol of the luxury and prestige of world-renowned superior Italian creativity and manufacturing.


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