It’s 1920 and in Brianza, a land of peasant tradition close to the city of Milan, the first drawing and cabinetmaking schools are born and the artisan shops dedicated to the production of furniture grow. This is were our story begins: a family story that begins with Andrea Colico and his passion for the chairs he produces in a small space created inside a courtyard in the town of Cabiate.


We are here, in the 2020, the year in which Colico celebrates its 100 years of life. 100 years spent by a family that has been able to transfer passion, competence, technique, vision from hand to hand, but where the family remains the central element. A company that aims to grow while maintaining its family dimension and making its business and work one with the life of each of the people who grow and live in it and who give it a little ‘of his own life, energy, passion.


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