Composad is an industry of RTA (ready-to-assemble) furniture created in order to combine beauty and functionality, industrial production and environmentally sustainable development. Through many years of experience in the modular furniture field, Composad has carved out a forefront space in the national and international panorama of manufacturers of DIY furniture. The company’s core values are professionalism and competence; innovation and environmental protection; the passion for wood and the use of modern industrial technologies. Composad production exploits the innovation of the Ecological Panel, with which it revolutionised the furniture market. Pursuing an “ethical” industrial development, Composad does not damage Nature and follows biological cycles. Experience and the opportunity to have a widespread, high quality productive apparatus make Composad one of the most consolidated companies on the international panorama of RTA furniture and DIY furniture manufacture. Established in 2000, in a few years Composad became the top Italian manufacturer of RTA furniture. Our mission is to export a new example of “Made in Italy” all over the world, twice eco-sustainable from both the ecological point of view and from the economic one.


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