South Korea

Craftsmanship For The High Standard Table Culture Chaehoon Moon creates products with a mixture of Korean traditional materials such as Ottchil and Yuhgee, and develops unique ways of using them. Her unique products perfectly match with every modern dining table in the world. Each product is elegantly handmade and possess all different indentity.

Tradition And Modernity Yuhgee and Ottchil have long been used for dinnerware in Korea. Both materials have sterilizing properties that maintain the freshness of food and preserve the flavor by keeping the temperature after cooking.

Founder / Designer : Chaehoon Moon creates products with mixture of new materials, and she develops unique ways of using the materials.  Through this process, she gained her own ways of developing products and knowledge.  As a result, she decided to make unique products with good materials and has just recently launched this brand. Chaehoon Moon, is inspired by Korean heritage, chooses materials that can be reborn in the hands of masters.  Our products are elegantly made which only you can feel and see from handcrafted products. Each product is made by hands, and it is a piece of artwork.  This makes vastly different compare to the ones mass manufactured.


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