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Sustainability has a lot to do with everything we passionately choose to make in Ek Kalakaar Design Studio. We love the balanced and harmonious idea of Recycled + Reusable and Flawed + Fabulous. Our products are carefully aligned to fulfill the goals of this idea. We imbue them with not just unique but also humanistic attributes.

At Ek Kalakaar Design Studio, we explore creative imagination that meets art and design in harmony with our environment. We are dedicated to avoid the mundane and rather choose to build timeless everyday objects and spaces. With remarkably unique ideas and sustainably sourced materials, we love bringing creativity to life in a world full of possibilities.

We offer a wide range of environmentally pleasing, contemporary but with a tinge of customary handcrafted designer furniture, sculptures, lighting, and home décor products. They are thoughtfully made with attention to detail to create a memorable experience around you. It’s not always that we exactly play by the book. That makes us fearlessly blur the line between design and art. So, each object is always open to individual interpretation. Yet, all of them have a strong and distinctive identity. Just like nature!

Building customized products and designing spaces are the exclusive services that help us discover the power of creative transformations. In our endeavour to do so, we always look forward to meeting new people and make a difference through art and design. Ultimately, it makes our products and designs more relatable and connected to you.

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