F.lli Allievi , produces high quality classical furniture since 1913.

Allievi started with classical collections, the interpretation of this style is the result of a long experience in this trade, a long story, handed down from father to son and based on study, research, artistic feeling, passion for beauty and accuracy in details.

The production work start with the research of the drawing , the study of wood and ash veneer that allowed Allievi to make colour for furniture more similar to the initial ideas. The initial sampling is doing again and again up to obtain a products that reach perfection. The hand-made carvings , the use of solid wood are unmistakable hallmarks of each single piece.

Allievi collections have a rich range of items, a wide choice of finishes, from the classic walnut colour to the elegant beige or black, thus providing everyone with the possibility to satisfy one’s aesthetic needs. Allievi is also specialized in customized items, contract and projects and is able to produce any type of furniture style and also able to offer a complete furniture project.