Francesco Molon


By 1972 Francesco Molon was working on projects in Saudi Arabia. By 1981 he had forged a vast sales network throughout the United States.

In the years preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall, Francesco ventured into Russia. Remembering, “In the Soviet Union at that time, our customers were primarily bodies of state. For example, we had the opportunity to work with the Kremlin”.

In guiding the focus of the company, Francesco says, “I have directed the production towards an audience sensitive to the charm derived from a perfectly crafted product. In my opinion, Italy has the most historical and artistic heritage in the world. Unfortunately this has led many of my countrymen to take such refinement for granted. Conversely this is the very idea that often entices our international customers. Presently private customers from Russia represent our most faithful and demanding clientele”.

High expectation is the common denominator that unites all those who covet Francesco Molon. “Meeting this challenge has forced us develop a distinct focus and precision. I see my experience in Germany as crucial in fostering this approach. I feel that the Germans possess a strong mentality and sense of professionalism that I have adopted and imparted to my coworkers. ” “Success does not come by chance; it requires endless passion and sacrifice. Commitment to a distinct identity, the will to retain a certain belief. These are the cornerstones of Francesco Molon – Luxury Furniture.”

Continuing the founder’s philosophy, Francesco Molon’s sons now manage the family business with their father. And as him, they work to the timeless fine design and execution that enables Francesco Molon pieces to be passed through the generations.