Green Apple


It all started in 2005 when two young Portuguese entrepreneurs decided to create and develop a brand. A brand that had to be a symbol of prestige and quality assurance focused on the creation of small objects and accessories.For five years the Green Apple was growing more but focused primarily on the national market.The demands of the market made the company rethink the course and bet on the international market. The requirement, however, was different from that demanded by the national market.Never forgetting the origins, where the soul of the company, the inspiration and roots of each piece is created, Green Apple is now present in the most prestigious trade shows around the world.

Companies are made by people. For people.At Green Apple we see human factor as a differentiating element for our brand and products It is through people that our products come to life. And its for them that we create them, with all our passion and dedication. It is something that is in our DNA, our values, and its part of our roots.

The passion, quality and focus on detail are since the beginning part of the brand’s DNA. They are core values that drive the company into the future. In the interior design studio, Green Apple provides the customer with a limitless approach, that is, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the customer’s expectations.Dialogue and shared experiences between the studio and the client is important. Create means to sketch a state of mind, and that must necessarily be the key to the success of any project.

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