"Haihong Enterprise" was founded in 2004, a large enterprise of landscape which set theplanning, design, development, production, sales, construction and service as a whole(we haveour own right to export), is a group enterprise of industrial-based businesses operating, there are: "Shanghai Yongzhou Haihong Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd. ","Guangzhou Haihong Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. "," Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Artificial Plant factory ""Yongzhou Haihong Artificial Plant factory " "HongKong Haihong Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd. "etc under Haihong Enterprise. Currently Haihong enterprise covering a total area of ??over 80,000 square meters, there are more than one thousand  total staffs, own the total assets over 250 million yuan, have customers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Haihong enterprise is mainly developed to the planning, design and construction of artificial landscape and garden, professional development and production of large-scale artificial plants, flowers and garden trees, mainly for tourism, real estate, theme parks, water parks and public space.
Our company created the artificial tree industry pioneer because of our unique and innovative artistic style and exquisite production process, the products named artificial plants but have convincing natural looking, they are difficult to distinguish between the real plant and fake plant regardless of looking or touching. Our products won't be deform under snow pressure, won't be fastness under wind, rain, they are anti-aging, anti-oxidative, UV protection, fire resistant, and other aspects etc. Become the leader of the industry.


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