Karabi Art Community


Karabi, the name has been derived from the name of flower, which has medicinal benefits & is being used in many life-saving drugs. A very simple looking flower contributing towards well-being yet making huge difference became our source of inspiration. We conceive art the same way, it has to be simple, contributing and making a difference towards spaces, lives and environment.

Life is an art form and we all find our ways of expression, differently. And yet, we are all in it together. We are building a network that connects the emerging with the established, the amateur with the professional, the new with the old. Our art collection consists of paintings, illustrations, serigraphs, photography, pichwais, tribal art, folk art, and all sizes and styles of sculptures.
Besides art, we also have a curated collection of accent furniture, planters, ceramics and artistic lights. Additionally, we host an exclusive range of collectibles such as architectural elements, curios, porcelain treasures, cultural artefacts and more.
We also provide bespoke services for the design community, and helps you find perfect pieces for hospitality, residential and other commercial projects.

Materials, the basic underline that plays a pivotal role in giving flight to our fantasy and imagination. One look at the expansive list of materials that we work with and exploit to their maximum potential would give you more and more reasons to delve deeper into the sheer range and variety that we can offer. We boast of mastering different materials and when we bring these together and explore them all to their maximum potential.

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