Laboratorio Pesaro


Laboratorio Pesaro was founded in 1961 oriented to the use of a ceramic material with high mechanical and aesthetic performance, stoneware, to mass-produce commonly used objects; ahead of its times in seeking the essentiality of shapes combined with the functionality of the objects Animated by the enthusiasm of a group of experimental work, the Laboratory Pesaro since its foundation has focused on the “design” as the predominant value of the company’s strategy In 60-70s, this company strategy has also represented a cultural choice that sought the functionality and simplicity of form as “innovation and opposition” to the aesthetic values and the most widespread “habits” in the society of the time. Thus, the brand “Laboratorio Pesaro” imposes itself as a reference for the excellence of its productions in the very important Italian tradition of ceramics of the ‘900.

The single-fired technique at high temperature (up to 1250 ° C) allows the enamel fusion with the ceramic base to obtain the maximum resistance to impact, scratching, thermal shocks and corrosive substances. Laboratorio Pesaro is a reference brand for the distinctive blend of original and innovative aesthetic and functional solutions using, with an environmentally friendly process, selected and secure raw materials with exclusive formulation.

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