Since 1893, the year in which it was founded, MARINER has been producing lightings and well-designed high quality furniture. Our original artisanal workshops existed even before electrification and have developed over time to become the current factory that, although it’s now equipped with modern infrastructure, hasn’t lost its own personal style.
Mariner is a Spanish company that is located in Valencia and specialize in the design and creation of handmade custom lightings and luxury furniture for over 120 years. Its history is full of special moments that have shaped the personality of the brand. During the course of these 120 years, one constant factor has helped Mariner to continue successfully over a period, which is spanning through the five generations. This constant factor is the passion that, day after day, year after year, the brand puts into this project. You can feel the passion for a job well done when you go into Mariner’s artisanal workshops. You can observe the concentration that each craftsman puts into the work they are doing, producing magnificent pieces and collections that can be found in all of the most important cities of the world.


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