The Martini family in 1965 began producing solid wood furnishings in a small workshop in the lower province of Verona, an area with a traditional vocation for furnishing. From the beginning the company is characterized by the quality of the materials and the great manual capacity.In a short time, it become a leader in the segment of high-level classic furniture. Martini starts to design and produce modular kitchens. From year to year, it introduces increasingly sophisticated and precious models, with great attention to technological innovation and without ever renouncing the quality of materials and workmanship.

The company expands and evolves continuously, expands the range of its products and organizes them in catalogs, in order to meet the taste of increasingly attentive, sophisticated and demanding customers. In 2018, Martini opens its first company showroom in Verona, in the prestigious Villa Bolla in Cittadella. The multifunctional office / showroom space is designed to facilitate communication with the designer, in a creative and dynamic atmosphere.

The quality of all Martini products is guaranteed by a careful selection of quality materials and technical requirements.


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