Mathy by Bols


Designers of well-being   From the outset, the company has employed designers with very different perspectives to create its furniture. Professional men and women with wide experience in the art of creating excellence in furniture, our designers create children's bedrooms which are also spaces in which to live and grow. The eclecticism of our designers produces a very varied, innovative catalogue that is always consistent with the philosophy on which our work has been based for more than de 25 years.   Specialist craftsmen   The company invests heavily in its human resources and the relationships between all its people. The craftsmen and carpenters who make up the team from across the generations work closely together, day after day, and pass on their know-how in a genuine willingness for continuous improvement and the spirit of a family business.   Dialogue and responsiveness   The spirit within the factory is one of always working in close collaboration. Prototypes are made of every item of furniture developed by one of our designers, and these are duly tested and commented on by everyone in the workshop and the commercial team before being put into production and marketed. We also attach great importance to the delivery of our products to our customers. For more information on our services, please go to our Delivery and assembly page.   Recognition and awards   Respectful, collaborative, creative and innovative: our company's work and developments have been widely recognized. Although our aims are not limited to winning awards, we are nevertheless proud to have our work acknowledged by our peers, in particular through various awards. Awards like these recognize the passionate work of the entire team. But above all, true satisfaction comes from the loyalty of our customers, young and old!

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