Maxmarko is a leading furniture brand. A young but very talented and experienced brand. It has been making elegant and antique furniture of the highest quality and enduring value since 2010. Derek Chen, a graduate from the Central Academy of Art and Design founded Maxmarko in April 2010. His designs are inspired by the daoism philosophy: Harmony in Diversity and their modern high-end furniture perfectly expresses this philosophy.Maxmarko offers a wide range of furniture that is timeless and aesthetic. Every piece of furniture is beautifully crafted and adds a eloquent look to your home. This is a brand with elegant and mesmerizing collection of designs. The design combines the modern design and contemporary Chinese design and presents a perfect blend.Maxmarko focuses on experimenting and exploring the new ideas. It’s easy to call a brand “friendly”. It’s another thing to define what kind of friend your brand is. Maxmarko seems to have defined that friend’s voice as the confidante, the one you want to go to brunch with, and the one who understands that sometimes all you need is a glass of rosé and some new throw pillows to turn a bad day around. Design is what drives Maxmarko. From creative Ray-Light lamps, to beautiful Keven, the furniture that comes out of this brand is a feast for the eyes. Cool, relaxed, and always on trend, Maxmarko provides simple and smart styles.Maxmarko products communicate their beauty through contemporary, linear forms, to interpret any aesthetic and functional need. The brand was awarded the “Best Original Design Brand” by China Architecture and Interior design Association.If you have a penchant for tasteful interiors, look no further than Maxmarko and their masterpieces. Their curated collection of the world’s most beautiful furniture will leave you awestruck.


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