MBM Biliardi


The story of MBM Biliardi starts in 1969 when the holding’s owner, Cav. Mariano Maggio, was only 23. After about two years of experience in the billiard industry as salesman in the Lazio region for the “Mari biliardi” company, settled in Siena, he decides to get into the billiard business on his own and opens the first small laboratory that was going to be the greatest billiards factory in Italy. “The first laboratory was awful...” remembers the owner. It was only four square meters large and the only gear was a Black & Decker and a table obtained from the wood waste of the packages, while the workforcw consisted only of a wood finisher worker... who was absent often.
From this small entity, he opens a larger space of 150 sqm few years later. Here the first machines are being used and the attention is focused on the already made billiards with the intention of improving them in quality. Not long after, the factory is moved in the Mandrione area in Rome, in a 400 sqm large space where the production of new billiard tables begins. It is now that Cav. Maggio develops, along with a graphic design studio of Milan and a group of lawyers and architects, the prestigious trademark of the factory: MBM Biliardi (that stands for Mariano Maggio Biliardi)


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