Medea Srl


Medea is known as one of the most famous, historic Italian companies for research and quality furniture. Established in 1905, it began producing chairs and armchairs for the most important shops in Milan, collaborating with architects such as C. Zen and E. Basile, the founders of the Italian Liberty. Beginning English-style, then he focused its attention to ‘Art Nouveau style that at the dawn of the twentieth century developed in different countries favoring decorativism and enhancing the eclectic manual skills of quality craftsmanship, elements which are still maintained.
The master craftsmen of Medea know the most remote secrets of the art of furniture building, carving, polishing, lacquering and padding, secrets that are handed down from father to son. The choice of woods and processing techniques used are the same as in ancient times, as well as the meticulous attention in the selection of materials, fabrics and leathers. Every detail is attended with great care to embellish each piece. The Medea products can live in any type of home, both classical, giving a sense of harmony and elegance, and modern, where the furniture create a harmonious sense of contrast with the rest of the environment.


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