MEME DESIGN  srl is a young and dynamic Italian company, based in the charming city of Rimini, which produces useful, trendy and never banal objects and furnishings. It is a typical Italian family business. At the head of the company, Cinzia Olivieri, who also takes on the artistic direction. 
Born as a commercial brand in 2012 in an atypical way. The primordial idea was generated by Sartini Michele, his son, a young partner with a strong aptitude for innovation. The basic idea is soon perfected: Build objects with purposeful, contemporary design that have practical use in multiple living areas.
Ennobling one of the most natural materials, iron and specifically sheet metal, through soft, curvilinear, sinuous shapes and lines. Enhance and convey color as a design proposal.
MEME takes its name from memetics, the modern science that studies memes, that is the unit of measurement of the strength of ideas in societies. 
Each MEME product must therefore meet the following requirements are Creative and transversal design, Rounded and sinuous shapes, Possibility to be inserted in multiple living areas, Excellent quality MADE IN ITALY, Simplicity in transport and assembly. 
In addition to its design and its products, MEME immediately differentiates itself from the competition by four features: High number of lacquers, Delivery of each product in 15 days, Competitive price, Absence of minimum orders.
We are small but fast: it echoes in the corridors of the young company. Delivery speed, particularly appreciated by customers, is due to an adequate stock of products ready for color customization, at the customer's request. The accessories are small, easy to transport and install.
The production is completely MADE IN ITALY , to point out the high manufacturing of its products. That famous MADE IN ITALY which means above all love for things done well, passion for beauty, care for relationships, dedication to work made of intense days and many challenges. 
However, an internationalist spirit has nurtured since its inception the new company that currently has stable sales organizations in addition to Italy, of course: France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, North Africa, USA, Brazil, South - America
After the first mistrust and difficulties of the market, in 2016 MEMEDESIGN starts a process of adjustment of its marketing mix, with an important wide range.
In 2017 the production of carpets with colors coordinated with metal products begins, for a coordinated proposal that enhances color and creativity. Initially the main users are hotels and offices. Subsequently adequate lines were created for proposals to millenials.
From 2018 also the production of products dedicated to the outdoors begins, always with the concept of color also in outdoor. Thus begins the production of fabric accessories. Tables, ottomans, armchairs with soft lines, furnish gardens, verandas and swimming pools, always with the joyful and eclectic spirit of MEME.
In 2019 MEMEDESIGN turned into a srl ??and into an artisan company, buying an old abandoned factory to transform it into the new headquarters in Via Marecchiese 300.
A special relationship was born over time with interior designers and architects who often use MEMEDESIGN  products or require customization for contract projects in hotels, offices, residences, etc. The most renowned contract projects include the Sheraton Mall of Emirates Hotel in Dubai, a beauty farm area. New contract projects are constantly evolving.
Active listening, attention to customer requests, sensitivity and availability are the main qualities of MEMEDESIGN 's relationship with the public .
Which mission MEME wants to give space and voice to young and talented designers, who know how to accept the requests of a young, trendy, nomadic and multicultural consumer.


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