Meiyi ” is positioned as a high-end product brand of the company. Due to the use of imported raw materials and excellent product quality, it is widely recognized in the market. Another brand of the company, “ Artstar ”, is the largest brand of similar products in the domestic market. From 2005 to 2012, it won the first place in the national artificial light-transparent stone product market for seven consecutive years.  
"Meiyi" brand products mainly include natural stone, real Tibetan stone, G series plant translucent board, E series clip plant resin translucent board, imitation jade, pearl stone, amber stone, Athens stone and so on.   "Artstar" brand products are divided into: light-transmissive jade, alabaster, meringue stone, forest stone, phoenix stone, colorful cloud jade, streamer stone, magic color stone, colorful stone, starry stone, color marble stone, etc. Decorative plates.    The company's products are divided according to the shape of the finished product: flat plate, sticky box, arc sheet, shaped body, mold product. "Huayi History" 2000: Zhongshan Huayi Craft Factory was established to produce all kinds of resin crafts and lighting accessories, with 5 employees. In 2004: the factory moved to the new factory in Henglan and gradually developed to the largest in Zhongshan. The most complete imitation marble lighting accessories company has become the preferred supplier for many large-scale lighting manufacturers;
2005: The company began to fully enter the national translucent stone plate market, and established the foreign marketing department in the same year;  2007: The company moved to Huayi self-built production base, and the number of employees expanded to more than 200 people, becoming the national light and stone industry production and sales. The champion company, its two brands, Meiyi and Yixing, have a good reputation in the market, and launched Z series translucent board products (true stone, natural stone products);  2008: the company changed its name to Huayi Zhongzhi decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Yu Yi Hua Yi people go to the next heart, all the sincerity. In the same year, the company's production workshop was expanded to 10,000 square meters.  In 2009: the company's new product "G" series of plant boards took the lead in the same industry;  2010: the company's production base was expanded to 15,000 square meters, and the workshop was built to 5 floors. At the same time, the "E" series of plant resin translucent panels were introduced. In the same year, the company's export turnover reached 1/2 of the domestic sales, and began to move toward the international decorative materials brand. 
2012: The company launched the high-end new “Jade” series, which is highly praised by customers because of its excellent texture and color.

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