Established in Carrara in 2016, MMairo designs and produces marble objects in Tuscany. The products are made with superior quality marbles, hand finished by local artisans and with a high market positioning. The Company takes its name from the etymological origin of marble (the Greek verb marmairo, “to shine”): a clear homage to the artistic material par excellence, the platonic idea of beauty, matter that is constantly evolving and therefore ever modern, invincibly contemporary, ecumenical, never identical to itself and thus reason malleable in the hands of designers, artists and architects, fascinating and desirable in the eyes of the public. For its collections, MMairo has selected international and heterogeneous authors whose private imaginings transform objects that range from the mundane, used for cooking and dining, into vases, centrepieces, lamps and tables.

Fine materials, such as marble that nature supplies, never forfeit their uniqueness for a shared label. For this reason, MMairo resolved to create its own identity: solid, tangible, recognisable through original and contemporary objects that complement an eclectic element born in history, and that will always be, marble. It all begun in Carrara, international capital of marble, in the steady embrace of the Apuan Alps, where MMairo has made its home to oversee the quarrying and processing of this pure gift of nature. The Apuan Alps’ heritage is beauty, and MMairo has been able to harness the area’s deep roots to build relationships with local manufacturers, sharing dust and sunsets; because expertise on the subject is the first step towards artistic creation.


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