Noah's home has won the consumers' love with its modular design. Consumers can freely combine according to their own needs and design their own unique home space through DIY.
Noah's family combines modern design concepts with the original natural features of wood. It seems to be casually swayed in a whit, but full of ingenious details. Every detail has been carved through the past, always with a keen fashion sense to keep up with the trend of life, and constantly incorporate new materials, technology and design concepts into the furniture.
There is no identical wood, and there is no identical life. We respect nature and keep the original texture of the wood as much as possible, not only do not hide the defects of the wood, but also maximize the natural beauty of this natural creation, each piece of wood. It has its own unique personality, showing simplicity, elegance and elegance everywhere.
Noah's family have NORYA-D5, NORYA-D6, NORYA-D8, NORYA-MOOD, NORYA- custom, a total of five series. The products of each series cover living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, study furniture, etc. There are more than 300 stores nationwide, and the leading domestic wood furniture is built with the corporate culture of modern minimalist style, environmental protection first concept and original design. Brand.

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