Notting Hill


Since its establishment in 1999, the Notting Hill brand has been committed to the dissemination of modern high-quality European lifestyles. It has a place in the domestic high-end furniture market in China with its unique design style and a stalwart craftsmanship. The brand has three major product lines: the European-style court style “Jane Eyre” series; the simple European-style “Loving Hall" series; the modern and luxurious style of the "Romantic City" series. These three series cover the five mainstream home styles of neo-classical, French country, Italian modern, light luxury American and new Chinese Zen. Notting Hill relies on its own factory and 20 years of technology accumulation, as well as a broad international vision, drawing on the essence of global culture and art into the furniture design, aiming to create a luxurious and elegant living space for customers.


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