OPR House is brand specialised in luxury furniture and accessories, based in the north of Portugal. We are the new brand of OPR, a Portuguese furniture manufacturer since 1982. We design and produce original pieces by combining different high-quality materials, using innovative design, combining handmade techniques and technology, always with our client’s comfort in mind. In our factory, in Meixomil, we have 6000 square meters available, a dedicated team of 60 people and solid external production partnerships. By combining artisanal woodworking techniques and the most advanced technology, are able to create the most unique details, assuring quality and originality. Our mission is to deliver high-quality furniture for the most refined spaces, to those sophisticated, eclectic and demanding clients that deserve only the best.

In 1982, in the North of Portugal, OPR was founded and named after its founder, Orlando Pereira Ribeiro, a 72-yearold carpenter. OPR is specialised in rustic, classical and contemporary wooden furniture. In 2017, Orlando and his son, Miguel, created OPR House, a brand dedicated to creating unique design pieces exclusively for luxurious spaces. By combining our vast experience and resources, we are able to provide highquality furniture for the most exquisite ambiences. The happiness and pleasure of enjoying your home is the main reason for OPR & OPR Home existence and continuous evolution.

We work with interior designers, architects and private showrooms to help them create unique Commercial and/or Residential spaces. We design and manufacture upholstery, tables, cabinets, bedrooms and mirrors. We are able to customize any of our products, applying different finishes and adapting sizes, to better fit your needs



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