Peekaboo Patterns is the expression of Garima; her passion for aesthetics, children, belief in adding value, meaning and a little bit of pop! It is the result of her own quest to make her own kids’ space a living dream.
Pioneers in customised furniture, furnishings and accessories for children of all ages, we believe in following a design process that involves the littlest of details for their littlest of customer needs.
Where does the school bag go? Will the Science textbook fit onto that shelf? Does he play a guitar? Creative or sporty? We go all out to tailor fit all that makes one unique.
A complete living and growing solution, which includes furniture design, furnishings design and a wide array of accessories, tying a room concept into a lovely story. Keeping in mind the safety of children, our furniture follow a science to make a space comfortable such as rounded edges, non-toxic paints, ergonomics etc.
Above all, choosing the right patterns and colours that would result in your children’s emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.  
Find all the solutions from wall paper, clock, rug, bed, mattress, sofa, knobs, pen holder, black board, night light, library, family collage, cushions, comfortable quilts, study table, wall decals and just ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN THAT YOU MAY DESIRE TO FULFIL YOUR CHILD'S DREAM!
Our furnishings, also child friendly and durable, boast an array of collections, crafted from various materials and techniques; appliqué being one of our crown jewels.
Founded in 2005, we strive to satisfy the quiet and the naughty, the bold and the beautiful, the artist and the scientist and all the work in progress human beings and be a part of their exploratory journey!

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