Philosophy Outdoor


Designer devoted to an irrepressible search for new materials and a creative genius that make the artist work at 360 ° in the world of fashion , industrial and interior design .
His interests are naturally varied, but he is especially attracted by the aspects concerning artistic expression and communication, with the spirit that the best things are achieved only with the utmost passion and determination . He devotes himself to creations in general, believing in creativity as a means of spreading thoughts.
The new collections dedicated to the divas of Hollywood cinema , could only inspire Roberto Serio and his new project, entirely based on the dynamic continuum between interior design and exterior design, focused without uncertainty or hesitation on LUXURY .
With its scrupulous artistic direction and the illuminated support of a company made in Italy , the new brand PHILOSOPHY OUTDOOR is born , whose mission is to bring luxury , whereas until today, only a few have come forward.
Today brings, in the new collaborations with PHILOSOPHY OUTDOOR , the best that has matured in many years of experience dedicated to look around without ever losing sight of the needs of those who have so observed, to offer them the best solution, the warm comfort , the unmissable elegance always refined and never banal.
The design that it narrates is always soft and delicate, it seems to exist for so long and yet it is new in all its permutation. The materials are carefully chosen to make the imperceptible border between indoor and outdoor luxury possible . The nobility of 316 steel is enhanced by the special finishes used in the car motive , from the gold bath with double protection. The technical fabrics used are ensured by the logic of the fashion world , with buckles , studs , belts , weaves , sartorial details.
The six collections are dedicated to the beauty and sensuality of women like Katherine , Elisabeth , Marylin , Ingrid , Greta , Audrey , timeless myths to which PHILOSOPHY is inspired by hoping to be a worthy performer.


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