Royal Stranger is an exclusive furniture brand determined to bring you the best unique pieces of art and design.

Fusing design, art and the best craftsmanship we strive to deliver the best state of the handmade art furniture. Our team works every day to create meaningful products that represent values such as passion, function, aesthetics and know-how. Values that are meant to represent Royal Stranger’s DNA. This dedication is present at all stages of production and the combination of craftsmanship and innovative design contributes to our final purpose: to produce certified high-quality products, made with passion and expertise. For all this to be possible, we always keep a respectable and trustworthy relation with our employees, suppliers and clients, making us proud to consider them all part of our own family. Our products are manufactured with a serious compromise to quality, attention to detail and accuracy in order to achieve a transcendental virtue. Customer satisfaction motivates us daily to guarantee that all the pieces are produced under the most rigorous quality control. This dedication is shown at all stages of production and customer service. We are constantly seeking new solutions and we bet on innovation, without ever losing the knowledge of our craftsmen.


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