Italian for serene, calm, clear, still & quiet. In additition to these qualities are function, beauty, harmony & emotions - This is the philosophy behind our brand.
Products of everyday use, enriching lifestyles, removing boundaries between indoors and outdoors, objects that we feel one with. Sereno’s eye-catching designs whether a sculptural planter or seating are conceived to be highly functional as well as beautiful, and attest to our mastery of new synthetic polymers and moulding processes. Significantly, these high quality weather-resistant designs enable a natural and almost seamless visual progression from indoor to outdoor spaces, thereby considerably extending living environments. Sereno products are functional and aesthetic, innovative and practical with a clean design philosophy.
Through its product line, Sereno offers myriad ways of experiencing nature & light. Ways, which ask us to stop for a bit, relax, sit, breathe & enjoy the moment.Each Sereno product radiates light, and coupled with a wide array of colours and finishes, these indoor and outdoor pots become one with nature and its architectural surroundings.

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