Seyran Armchair founded by Bilal YARAN in 1984 as a small enterprise in Bursa.
The turning point of a company is the vision and strategies put forward by the management staff. Seyran, short, medium and long-term targets; principled, transparent, rational and in accordance with the ethical values and continues to operate accordingly. Today, as one of Turkey's leading seat manufacturer with a global vision, well-educated, our professional team and modern service concept, we are greatly pleased and proud to offer millions of homes and offices 32 years of quality products worldwide. 
Seyran provides added value to the country's economy by producing and creating jobs, and does not compromise business ethics in all business processes. In production; Quality, honesty and consistency are of great importance. The most important being of Seyran is human. It is a people-oriented institution, which is continuously improved, well-educated, disciplined and hard-working personnel, who see human as an active element on the way to success in the organizational pyramid. In this context, as a company that respects the legal rights of employees, adopts the principle of working in accordance with the legislation and cares about its education and development, it has gained a great respect in the sector. 
With our standard Medical imiz products that appeal to our elderly and handicapped customers, we are increasing our models of mechanical gear barber and sofa sets that will make our customers' lives easier and we aim to increase the standard of living of our customers with new R & D studies. 

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