There is something you should know about us. We can’t stand the status quo. The status quo stinks. It ruins our appetite. And nobody likes that.
We are foodies. And we are certainly not good cooks. That is why we really appreciate the great Chefs of our world. So we have steered our company towards a single objective. Our purpose to exist is to support them in their life endeavour. To help Chefs serve dishes that is delicious. And to enable our diners to have eat tastier food.
You see, Tableware manufacturers everywhere are creating beautiful products. Fancy dinnerware with intricate patterns that are too beautiful to use and gleaming cutlery that is too heavy for comfort. It has just gotten better and better over time, and current situation is horrible. In all the effort to make beautiful products, the Tableware people have forgotten the entire objective of the dish. After all, it is to serve food. And the design should support that purpose, not take away from it.
Skyra Professional Tableware creates products that help the food taste better. Our mission is to provide Tableware that enhances the entire dining experience. We help the food look better, we help the food smell better and also taste better. So, how do we do it? By partnering with international Tableware brands that share our passion. By sourcing products that are not available with our brand partners. And finally, by creating original design products that are engineered towards maintaining the food at the right temperature over a number of hours, and sustaining their flavour, moisture, crispness, aroma and other key elements that just make it so delicious. To ensure that your meal is served with everything you need and that it all fits together, just as the chef cooked it to be.
Skyra Professional Tableware is part of the Stalwart Group - a third generation family business. It started as an electroplating company in 1955 for Sports Trophies and emerged into a large export-house of decorative metal ware to 24 countries. The company further expanded into other materials such as Glass, Brass, Wrought Iron, Leather and Stainless Steel with several manufacturing centres in North India and a Distribution centre in New York. And then we stopped on our tracks and asked a very important question – Why do we exist? What do we believe in? The answer was something we could feel, but not put into words very easily.


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