A project started in 1974 and has grown steadily over the years. A company whose image is strongly characterized by the production of classic and traditional furniture but, at the same time, a modern company capable of interpreting modern needs, which looks at things from the past with love and attention. A production of classic furniture that has always taken care of the best quality.   To achieve this goal, the TARBA CASACLASSICA company has always made use of qualified designers, able to develop inspired reinterpretations of classic lines. These studies have always been accompanied by the search for new techniques and materials, which are carefully processed by skilled craftsmen-cabinet makers. These values, which have always been part of the company's philosophy, have determined its success on national and international markets.   The noble artisan hands transfer all their wisdom into the precious wood of CasaClassica and Luigi Tarini furniture , giving you that uniqueness of workmanship that makes them exclusive and valuable over time.  

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