The Black Steel


From The Beginning In 2015, Prateek Singh, a design and retail professional founded The Black Steel in New Delhi, India. His plan was to merge skilled craftmanship with industrial interior inspired designs. The company's reputation was established from the start with it's iconic artpiece, The Industrial Sprocket Wheel Lamp. Nurturing Prototypes With Design Thinking Designs by The Black Steel are problem solvers combined with a visual appeal. These innovations were possible because of their obsession towards design-thinking and bold design experiments. The quest to create something remarkable explains The Black Steel's devotion towards ingenious design implementation.   Three Pillars Of The Black Steel Industrial Art History The Black Steel brings out the very best industrial lamps of cultivated elegance. We foster centuries-old traditions and sophistication blended from the industrial art era with skilled workmanship. We create impeccable industrial lamps, which are painstakingly fashioned by experienced hands, industrial equipments, geometric shapes, and mechanical art pieces.  Exclusivity History and exclusivity run parallel and hence, we create unique designs, which embrace authenticity. The Black Steel limited editions are tribute to meticulous artistry, and thoughtful designs in the world of industrial interior design. Every Black Steel collection tells a fascinating story, which connects you with the history of industrial art. Timeless Designs Our vision is to manufacture versatile designs which are timeless and stands out through modern room aesthetics. This helps us not only to deliver products which suits varied interiors but also to create designs which will be cherished by generations to come. Time-Definite Worldwide Shipping We've successfully delivered our lighting fixtures to 23 countries in 4 contintents. Our unique breed of lighting fixtures have been through critical developments and are appreciated by worldwide audiences. The longest distance our product has travelled is 14,649 kms to Ciudad de México, Mexico.  


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