The Decor Remedy


We live in a time and age where we have no time, with our fast-paced lives we have forgotten to add a personal touch to our homes. We believe in the power of the interior and that your home is a reflection of your soul!

Home Decor is truly a form of alternative therapy. Beautiful homes and interiors not only make the home look good, it also makes people living in it feel happier and calmer. After completing my degree in psychology and writing a thesis on how the physical aspect of home environment plays an important role in changing peoples moods and behavior, I decided to start a brand for home decor that’s luxurious but not heavy on pockets. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive.

“There is no one design that fits all, choose what you like, your home is an extension of yourself and decorating it is very therapeutic.

Like every person is unique, the same way every home should be.” ​We do our best to showcase the products which you can fall in love with and your home can spark Joy. Just by adding accent pieces or having beautiful stuff around you, it can make any space lively.

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