this and that


Ariane Thakore is the founder and designer of This and That is a design studio that brings to life the age old tradition of handcrafted furniture. All our pieces originate from a beautiful narrative, fusing fine décor, art and craftsmanship. Our creations are a perfect union of vernacular and contemporary design. The workshop defines a perfect balance between gifted crafts people and innovative concepts.

Tailor made orders catering to exclusive tastes for size, colour and forms. Customization in sizes and finishes to satiate varied palates.

After many years of designing furniture for clients, many pieces being only made once and then forgotten about….. being passionate about handcrafted furniture… also realizing that’s it a dying form of making furniture….

All those factors brought about this and that – where she could make furniture she designed over years, start reviving the practice of hand made furniture and using crafts men for the same and showcasing their talents and finally fusing the old and the new.


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