Un Tapis A Paris


The French brand Un Tapis in Paris designs unique and original creations whose design and realization are similar to real artistic works. "We consider carpets as works of art, prestigious and quality pieces that must remain accessible" says Xavier Pilloton, the creator of the brand. Thus the house undertakes that each model does not exceed 8 copies. Each rug is therefore signed and numbered to preserve its unique character.
A Carpet in Paris is part of the history of French craftsmanship with this achievement at the request of the Church of St. Martin (in Aron) commissioned in 1955 to Franck Pilloton, the father of the creator of the brand. The tapestry made in Aubusson in the Pinton workshops is 11 meters long and illustrates episodes from the life of Saint Martin, bishop of Tours who cut his coat in two to share it with a poor man.
This tapestry also describes the story of A Carpet in Paris which retains its identity by the quality of the achievements and the creation of original designs for unique orders.

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