VETROVIVO introduces unique glass mosaics. The glass mosaics, like no other thing, creates an atmosphere, feeds the imagination and evoke the nature.They are shining like exclusive jewels. Every single piece is the result of a long, careful, handmade productive process. Unique pieces for exclusive and inimitable projects.
The main characteristics of VETROVIVO production is Beauty, creativity, quality and excellence. The glass expertly worked with an exclusive and patented production system, the high quality of the raw materials, the creativity and wisdom make every piece a unique creation. The glass mosaics are usually mesh-mounted but, following personalized projects, VETROVIVO offers also already finished PANELS, grouted on aluminium foils, READY TO BE INSTALLED, simplifying thereby any complicated laying. VETROVIVO production is entirely made by hand in Campogalliano factory, near Modena - Italy.


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