AC01 Stick On Floor by Planium
AC01 Stick On Floor Metal Flooring
AC01 Stick On Floor by Planium

AC01 Stick On Floor by Planium

Model Number:
ac01 stick on
Steel, Brass
Floor, Indoor

AC01 Stick-on is a floor with metal finishes, available in different sizes and textures, which can be applied with glue. The creative soul of Planium combines the constant attention to quality, aesthetics and design to the attitude for experimenting with new codes and styles, for innovative expressive languages, springing from a ductile, natural and versatile material, such as metal. With this material, today, in living spaces, new geometries can be shaped. Triangles, hexagons, diamonds, squares and rectangles are drawn on the surfaces, thanks to the combination of different colors and textures. It is thus possible to create floors of great visual impact, or to emphasize delimited areas, such as “carpets” with geometric decoration. Traditional, retro or modern, contemporary combinations are born; essential and sober solutions or, on the contrary, with lively movement effects. The color palette proposed ranges from the silvery tones of steel, to the warm ones, golden brass and bronze, to the red notes of copper, to the dark and unique nuances of the calamine, up to the brown or anthracite shades of oxidized steels. The proposed textures extend, creating smooth or raised, natural, brushed,
satin or even oxidized surfaces. The modular tiles have, in all the proposed geometries, a minimal thickness, resulting therefore very light and easy to apply.
Floor with metal finishes, which can be laid on screed. The tiles consist of a galvanized steel core, covered with finishes in different metals and textures.

You can choose different finishes in natural or worked metal, among:
• stainless steels (various textures);
• oxidized steels (various textures);
• calamine steel;
• copper (various textures);
• brushed bronze;
• brass (various textures);
• stainless concrete.

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