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L - 150 mm x W - 150 mm x H - 550 mm, Base Height - 50 mm
Qm Umbra
Wood, Metal

A jewlery stand that's tailored to your personal needs. This jewelry organizer comes with 4 removable posts at varying heights allowing you to create just the right organizer for you.


  • ADJUSTABLE JEWELRY STAND: Finally, a jewelry stand that's tailored to your personal needs. Multiple post heights and removable pegs create a tree-style jewelry organizer that truly works for you.
  • STYLISH AND CHEERFUL: A classic pairing of natural ash wood and white metal, the jewelry tree will compliment any space
  • STURDY: Acro comes with a weighted base to ensure the jewelry posts stays firmly in place, allowing you to hang all your jewelry without the worry of Acro toppling over. The base doubles as a tray, great for storing smaller pieces like rings and pendants.
  • INCLUDES PERFORATED POST: Acro includes a perforated post for hanging earrings, so no need to worry about losing them inside a big, disorganized jewelry box
  • TALL ENOUGH TO HANG LONGER ITEMS – An adjustable jewelry Stand with removable pegs allow you to create a customized and organized jewelry tree, which can hold various items of many lengths (18.5 inches max)

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