Acus Office Duo Led by Betec
Acus Office Duo Led Table Lamps
Acus Office Duo Led by Betec
Acus Office Duo Led by Betec

Acus Office Duo Led by Betec

Model Number:
acus office duo led
Colour Temperature:
Warm White
Horst Lettenmayer
Light Source:

A large table lamp whose light has been developed to meet the needs of office work today. The elongated light field provides totally uniform brightness over the entire desk area. This is particularly important for architects working on large plans and for graphics work. The lamp can be rotated and inclined in the tube; the height of the lamp arm can be adjusted at the same time. Minimal advanced technology. Aesthetics in motion and in processing. Clarity in shape and function. The lights are fastened to the tabletops with a carefully developed, patented base. The height of the light stand can be adjusted at will. The light arm is fully adjustable, both horizontally and vertically. The arm and the light can also be rotated by up to 140°. All of the electronic components as well as the switch are located on the ballast within the thickened arm. The elegant handmade light is classically constructed.

  • The supply lead is 2.5 meters. No tool assembly required because of the two tilt levers. 
  • Package contents: Light complete with Power-LED bulbs and power supply.
  • Illuminant: Power LED
  • Illuminant lifespan: 50000 hours
  • LED efficiency class: A++
  • Lumen: 1243
  • Primary voltage: 100V - 240V
  • Light tube: Dia - 18 mm
  • Complete length: 1300 mm
  • Vertically adjustable: Up to 800 mm
  • Counter thickness: Up to 35 mm
  • LED Light colour: 3000 K, RA94 2400 K, RA80
  • Watt: 24 W, 18 W